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Three of the most common mistakes made when starting a new project

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You know that rush you feel when you want to start on a new project? You get all giddy like a kid who’s going on a fieldtrip the next day.

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Excited to get started! But before we get started we do the necessary preparation we often read about and never actually get started on the project itself. Recognizable? It’s because of the three most common mistakes made when starting a new project.

Getting stuck on research

One of the most important steps to take when starting something new is doing the necessary research.

One thing about me is when a particular topic interests me, I will fall into a whole rabbit hole on this particular topic. I am talking about 3 hours of online research, 21 tabs and possibly even 2 new books that I bought and may never read.

There’s nothing wrong with doing the necessary research, until it prevents you from actually taking action and getting shit done.


Recently, I was reading a very popular self-help book and discovered quite some errors. We are talking about a bestseller, that put this author on the map, that was proofread and yet…It wasn’t perfect. Did it stop the book from greatness, tho? Nope.

And yet, whenever I start writing I want it to be perfect. But there’s no such thing as perfection. Note to me and you: it will never be perfect! Instead, we should focus on progress. Strive for greatness. Because practice makes what?




Comparison is the thief of joy and one of the three most common mistake made when starting something new. I’m sure this is something you’ve must’ve heard before. Perhaps not in that exact way. But if you’re still here, that means you might need to hear it again. So, here it is again:

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Is it good to look around and see how the people who have inspired you do it? Definitely. But don’t let it stop you from doing you. Because you will never be them and they will never be you. The latter is your power. I oughta say our power, as this counts for me as well. They will never be like us. Hence the importance of getting inspired and using that inspiration as fuel to work your magic!

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