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Boozy vanilla iced coffee in 5 simple steps

Do I love me some beautifully made frappuccino? Most certainly. But do I also love me some easy to make flavored iced coffee? Most definitely. There are days where I will take my sweet baby Jesus time in the kitchen to make my frapp, like I’m a whole barista. A barista without a coffee machine, but a barista nonetheless. And you know what they say in the law of manifestation: you gotta live it, to achieve it. So, I am living my best barista life in my tiny kitchen sans coffee machine or icemaker. And then there are days where I want to have a coffee that doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes. For days like those, iced coffees are just absolutely amazing. They usually require no more than 3 ingredients: ice, cold brew and milk. Want to spice it up? Throw in some syrup. Want to make it extra spicy? Throw in some booze.  And you got yourself a boozy iced coffee in less than 5 minutes! Alright, so let me get to …