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Hello Only me October, goodbye Stormy September

You think we’d learn our lesson whenever we say: oh, it can’t get any worse. We all know the Universe will show you that it can. And that’s exactly what September was for me. Despite it being my birthday month, it was fucking hell. Well, I guess hell would be stormy.

And normally, I thrive through chaos. Because that’s just what I do. But this…Nah. We’ve had break ups and breakdowns, turn ups and hook ups, and many firsts.


It’s October now! The trees are shedding their leaves and I’m taking a page of their book by shedding my leaves as well.

What does that mean? It means, I’m ready to drop habits that are not in alignment with the version I’m working on becoming to make room for new healthy habits, which I’ll share more about in another post.

It’s time to focus on me. I have been very di(ck)stracted, while others have been focusing on them. Which is a pattern that needs to be broken.

Especially, now that I’m newly single after almost eight years. I’ve been very focused on my significant other and keeping him in consideration in all my decisions. This is not me blaming him, because I allowed that. But it’s something I realized I’ve done too often. Putting my happiness and growth on hold to accommodate others. Now, I don’t have to anymore.

Which brings the focus on me. And as easy as it sounds, this also includes a lot of feeling. Which I’m not very good at. But necessary. I need to feel what I truly want, rediscover who I truly am without a partner and also, love myself more as my own person.

Only me October might sound a bit selfish, but as someone who is quite trash at setting healthy boundaries being selfish is sometimes necessary.

So, I’m saying bye bye to fucking chaotic September and hello to Only me October ❤️

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