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Hey, it’s okay…

We sometimes do things that make us feel good, but will have others rolling their eyes at us. Thing is though, we don’t live to make others happy. If whatever it is you wish to do doesn’t hurt anyone else, do it.

With that said; here are a 10 things that are absolutely okay!

I mean, as long as you ate right?

I’m not sure what’s worse cancelling
or meeting up with someone and sitting there against your will?

First of all, if it’s an emergency
you should probably be calling 911 or 112.
Second of all, a text will have the same impact.
Third of all, my phone, my decisions.

The stomach wants what the stomach wants.

Seems like way too many people choose to be sour in the morning.
I mean shit, what did the Universe do to you?

Life is complicated as it is.
You don’t owe it anyone to be content with simplicity.

I mean, if people can have mimosa’s…I can have wine.
Just…Try not to get drunk before 2pm.
And if you do, make sure you have a designated driver.

Live, love, laugh.

What are your guilty pleasures you like to indulge in, knowing people would give you the side eye?

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