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10 podcasts to get the day started

One thing that gets me going every morning, is by listening to podcasts. Whether it’s an hour long self-affirmation or a five-minute motivation, I enjoy the comfort of receiving positivity without having to stop my daily activities. I literally have a whole playlist of podcasts that I repeatedly listen to while I get ready for work. Which is a great way to get my energy going.

Because a good start of the day can lead to an even better day, which can lead to a great week, I want to share some of my favorite podcasts with you. These are all in random order.

And here are some of my favorite podcasts. They get me pumped with just the right amount adrenaline I need to get my day going. Or to write down an entire post. I truly hope one of these will give you the boost you’ll be needing for whatever situation you encounter <3

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My name is Joelle Wiel. I'm a 31-yr young dreamchaser. I'm very energetic, passionate and ridiculously curious. Currently I'm working on my career as a transformational coach and want to inspire others by taking them along on my journey, which I share on joeyjoelle.com. My main focus is: personal development. But when I'm not working I enjoy savoring delicious cocktails, eating great food, shopping or reading a good book.


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