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Photo Diary: My 10-day getaway pt. 1

Some may have already seen some photos go by on Instagram, but for those who didn’t; I have just returned from my 10-day getaway. My main reason for this little trip was to attend International Swimwear Fashion Week(end) that took place March 10-13 on no other than my lovely home island Curaçao. You understand that this was the perfect excuse to combine my  trip to Curaçao with a visit to my mother on Bonaire.

If you’re still reading, that means you’re certainly interested in knowing how I spent my days. Join me as I look back at my little touristic journey on Bonaire!

Day 1

10-day getaway pt1. iamanalfa

To tourists this may seem like some yucky green soup with meat and other unknown things floating around. But to me and many other Antilleans this soup called “Jambo” aka ocra soup is LIFE.  I can’t cook this yummy goo and my mom ain’t in Holland often enough for me to enjoy it as much as I’d want to, so I was beyond filled with joy when they took me to a local restaurant on my first day and served this huge bowl of yumminess!


My mom and I are both huge fans of delicious cocktails! And so that same night we wanted to go out and enjoy some drinks at Karel’s beach. Sadly enough, the cocktails were so disappointing I’m not even gonna bother sharing a photo of the weird looking drinks. Instead, I will share this photo of my beautiful mother; the person who keeps pushing me to do what I love, even when I don’t believe in it. Love you, momster!

Day 2

The next day we went on a real sightseeing trip. Finally, I was able to see the slave houses. I had visited them before, but I was younger and less aware of  the story behind it. Now, after reading and watching documentaries about the history of slaves, it had much more of an impact on me. It might not be the most discussed chapter of history, but certainly is a big part of my history as a black female living in Holland. Especially in this day and age. Therefore, I’d recommend anyone who visits Bonaire to go see the houses that were big enough to roughly fit 2 persons, but were obviously used by more than just 2 slaves.

10-day getaway pt.110-day getaway

Another incredible place I got to visit were Bonaire’s salt pans. Yes, those mountains you’re seeing are salt. Let that sink in for a minute. Mountains of salt. I’m not gonna lie; I know quite little about these pans, but I do know the salt is big business! Other than that it’s just an amazing sight.

10-days getaway

Day 3

The third day, I didn’t do jack. I just slept the entire day thru. Some of y’all might be like : “But you only had 10 days, you’re wasting time”. Honey, it’s a getaway. Ten days to get away from all the hustle and bustle Holland likes to force upon you.  So, day 3 was spent in my PJ’s. That was until we went out for dinner. Sigh…I almost feel bad for leaving my bed for this. So, enjoy the pictures of the drinks, they really look better than they tasted.

I’m gonna leave it at that for now…The remaining parts of my trip will be posted soon!



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